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There is a fine art to selecting, blending, and tasting our tea. See how we maintain exceptional levels of quality and how to – in our modest opinion – brew the perfect cup of Tea

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Our concept of tea is to serve a good Cup of original Ceylon Tea or any other specialized Teas, which in turn will indulge in your taste buds, with a strong flavorful taste with fresh earthly aroma...

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The Tale of Ceylon Tea

The discovery of this beverage called Tea was made, quite by chance. Centuries ago, a Chinese Emperor was resting in his Palace garden, under a tree...

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"At RIM TEA they offer special blends and fine selected teas rather than the generic tea grades in Ceylon”

RIM TEA Collection

From our classic black blends and much-loved bestsellers, to balanced infusions and delicious cold brews, there is a cup of RIM Tea to suit everyone, any time of the day. Explore our ranges.

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Sit back and relax while we bring you the best of Ceylon tea!

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Here`s Our Guarantee

Our Senior Tea Taster has over 25 years’ experience, and all our tea blends are prepared with the finest in the nature, that really means that the focus of the company from the very top is on tea and tea quality.