Apple Tea – Pack of 4

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Black tea with apple flavour and apple fruit bits.

Available in :

100g ( Loose Tea ) x 4 = Total Weight 400g

50g (25 Pyramid Bags ) x 4 = Total Weight 200g

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What you get

Apple tea – black tea with apple flavour and apple fruit bits.

A fragrant tea with the slightly sweet and sharp yet gentle flavour of red apple. A lively and refreshing tea,medium-bodied with a rich taste profile.Can be enjoyed hot as well as Iced tea.

Brewing Instructions


  • 1. Add a spoon of tea / tea bag to the cup
  • 2. Pour Boiling hot water
  • 3. Steap the tea for 3 mins
  • 4. Add sugar if desired
For iced tea:

Repeat steps 1-4,
Remove tea bags & Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Then pour into an ice filled glass.
Melting ice will dilute to a perfect glass of iced tea.

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