Sweet Ginger Tea – Pack of 4

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Black tea with Ginger flavour and Ginger Cut.

Available in :

100g ( Loose Tea ) x 4 = Total Weight 400g

50g (25 Pyramid Bags ) x 4 = Total Weight 200g

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What you get

Sweet ginger tea – black tea with Ginger flavour and Ginger Cut. Tea blended with earthy ginger, creating a zesty hot brew that really awakens your senses. It gets your body working and your mind ticking and ready for just about anything. Perfect remedy if you are having chronic headaches or nausea.

Brewing Instructions


  • 1. Add a spoon of tea / tea bag to the cup
  • 2. Pour Boiling hot water
  • 3. Steap the tea for 3 mins
  • 4. Add sugar if desired
For iced tea:

Repeat steps 1-4,
Remove tea bags & Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Then pour into an ice filled glass.
Melting ice will dilute to a perfect glass of iced tea.

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