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A strong blend of the finest Ceylon tea, combined with lemon essence, hibiscus and marigold petals. It’s aromatic, mysterious and intriguing and gives you the gentle punch to start your day.

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What you get

It`s your “Wake Up” call.

This Tea wakes you up with vigour, energy and a joyous bounce by providing a high degree of caffeine sustaining you throughout the day. This wake-up Tea is a strong combination of Srilankan teas from Specially selected regions of the finest FBOP grade.

This unique blend is further refined to a sublime bouquet of taste, appearance and fragrant traces of lime, hibiscus and Marigold petals. This unique tea is carefully blended for a perfect combination of taste, aroma and colour.

The tea is made by opening each teabag or 2 grams of the blended tea per person into a pre-warmed teapot and boiling the tea in the pot is allowed to simmer for For three minutes. The tea can be drunk with milk, honey or lemon.

Brewing Instructions


  • 1. Add a spoon of tea / tea bag to the cup
  • 2. Pour Boiling hot water
  • 3. Steap the tea for 3 mins
  • 4. Add sugar if desired
For iced tea:

Repeat steps 1-4,
Remove tea bags & Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Then pour into an ice filled glass.
Melting ice will dilute to a perfect glass of iced tea.

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  1. RIM Tea Admin

    Maria Perera

    I like the balanced flavours!!

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