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Ceylon finest high grown tea combined with rose petals and a hint of rose essence. Tea delicately fragranced and scattered with mauve-pink rose buds and petals. The tea is a true delicate rose essence with Ceylon finest high grown tea. The aroma is sweet and intoxicating whilst the flavour is floral and lingering.

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What you get

Revive your day!

This Tea is usually consumed mid-morning during a busy day’s work to revive the body’s energy while refreshing mental acuity to perform more efficiently.

This tea is made from a blend of the fine tasting highest quality Sri Lankan Uva flowery broken orange pekoe and given an added unique refreshing bouquet of Rose flowers. This blend offers an uplifting sweet taste, distinct from the high grown Uva region of Sri Lanka.

The tea is made by opening each teabag or 2 grams of the blended tea per person into a pre-warmed teapot and boiling the tea in the pot is allowed to simmer for For three minutes. The tea can be drunk with milk, honey or lemon.

Brewing Instructions


  • 1. Add a spoon of tea / tea bag to the cup
  • 2. Pour Boiling hot water
  • 3. Steap the tea for 3 mins
  • 4. Add sugar if desired
For iced tea:

Repeat steps 1-4,
Remove tea bags & Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Then pour into an ice filled glass.
Melting ice will dilute to a perfect glass of iced tea.

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